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Our next event: September 23rd and 24th, 2021

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The conference that keeps Canadian digital marketers and communications professionals ahead of the trends and at the top of their game... is moving online.

After two incredibly successful online conference in June and October 2020, SocialAtHome returns for our third online event! This will be your opportunity to ensure your company’s digital voice is ready for whatever 2021 might bring. It's time we look forward. Let's do it together. Tap into your audiences, dig into your analytics, and push beyond your comfort zone to power your strategies, up your tactical game, and deliver results.

For the past five years, SocialWest, SocialEast and SocialCentral have brought thousands of people together, and with SocialAtHome Summit, we’ll be continuing to offer unprecedented opportunities for networking and professional development, just from the safety of your home.

What to Expect

Two days of 30+ exceptional and tailored speaker sessions and workshops.

A choice of three different speaker experiences every 45 minutes.

Advanced virtual conference experience with online networking and community-building.

Access to recorded sessions for 30 days, so you don’t miss a moment (available as an optional add-on).


  • Keynotes, Breakouts & Networking

  • Keynotes, Breakouts & Networking

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SocialAtHome will feature 30+ Expert Speakers

Our presenters have done the work — the budgeting, strategizing, management, and reporting — so they know what it takes to build a successful social media and digital marketing strategy. Their experience, enthusiasm, and commitment to elevating the Canadian digital marketing industry is what sets SocialAtHome speakers apart.

Our SocialAtHome Speaker Roster

"The Practice: Ship creative work"

Seth Godin

Three Mega Marketing Trends to Outperform Your Competition

Paul Mitskopoulos Enterprise Account Executive - Financial Services Partnerships

Shopping Serendipity— A Conversation on Using Discovery Commerce to Create Delightful Experiences.

Chris Saniga Head of Industry, Facebook & Instagram Canada

Nicole Lively Managing Director, Client Success

2021 Social Commerce Trends

Rashel Hariri Senior Manager, Ecosystem Social

"Relentless Adaptation: 5 Smart Social Steps to Grow Your Business Today"

Amber Mac President

"React now!"

Brittlestar Content Creator

Worth Talking About: Building cultural relevance to rally a collective

Jamie Michaels Head of Twitter Next, Canada

Mix up your marketing to get your message noticed, kept, and actioned.

Mamta Dogra Manager, Small Business Marketing

How to make cool stuff in a bureaucracy

Tyler Butler Senior Manager, Story

How to make cool stuff in a bureaucracy

Adam Rozenhart Director of Story

Building a Brand with Community Storytelling

Brad Parry Vice President Marketing & Communications

"From Briefs to Brainstorms – A Look Into a Creative’s Not-so-creative Process"

Wilson Wong Partner, Creative Director

"Stories that $ell: How to Capture, Share, and Cash in on Case Studies"

Joel Klettke Founder & Partner

"Public Sector Social Media Support Group"

Nancy Smith Marketing Supervisor

"How to get the "final rose" using content nurturing"

Derek Hovinga Owner & Inbound Marketing Strategist

"So You Want To Start A Newsletter: Planning Content, Growing Subscribers and Building Community"

Linda Hoang Social Media Strategist

"Five Smart Ways To Position Your Brand Through Storytelling"

Paula Worthington Pricipal and Founder

The Goldfish Got It Wrong: Why Longform Creative Is More Important Than Ever

Marc Binkley VP Digital & Marketing Strategy

"The Aftermath Minefield: Navigating the Impacts of 2020 on Social."

Jessica Fralick Director, Crisis & Risk

"Social Media Tricks & Hacks"

Beverley Theresa Social Media Strategist

"The One With The Girl Speakers – Gender Bias in the Digital Age."

Megan Sirockman Senior Strategist

"The One With The Girl Speakers – Gender Bias in the Digital Age."

Kelsey Chudiak Senior Strategist

"Red Flags: Conversion Tracking Error To Look Out For."

Ameet Khabra Founder

Forget about intention, bring on the impact - #listeningandlearning is so 2020

Nithya Ramachandran Vice President, Strategy

Presentations that don't suck.

Dan Evans Co-founder and Partner

Nonverbal Communication on Video: Changing Your Odds in Pandemic.

Idris Fashan Territory Manager

Let's Get SaaSy: B2B Trends Shaping The Tech Sphere

Hillary Gillis Senior associate, advertising

The Importance of Audience Empathy Amidst Global Crisis

Kyle Bottoms Associate Strategy Director

"Help creative help you: How to partner with your creative team to produce exceptional work."

Matt Hayles Owner

"Add to cart: How to write copy that converts."

Sarah Stockdale Founder

"How to make LinkedIn Ads work better for you."

Jakey Surrey Head of Digital


Graham Mosimann


Jenny Steele


Kristin Hallet

SocialAtHome x Marketing News Canada Present the 4th Annual Hashtag Awards.

The Hashtag Awards are an annual celebration of the innovative and creative work of Canada’s marketing, communication and advertising professionals. Join us as we celebrate the individuals and organizations who excel in digital marketing, traditional marketing, agency work, communication work, ad campaigns and overall awesomeness right across Canada! Nominations for the Hashtag awards closed as of February 25th, 2021. Winners will be announced at SocialAtHome - Grow!

SocialAtHome Conference Gets Rave Reviews

We were humbled to received rave reviews from attendees of previous SocialAtHome Virtual Conferences in June and October of 2020. Here are some examples of the comments and ratings we received in a follow-up survey.

  • "This is amazing. I attended the last, can't wait for the next." - Kalynn C
  • "Best virtual event I’ve ever been to!" - Darian K
  • "I like it even MORE than an in-person event." - Jason. M
  • "It sparked a lot of new ideas and left me feeling invigorated and inspired" - Sarah W

Over 93% of attendees to the first SocialAtHome virtual conference rated their experience as "Good" or "Excellent".

Over 90% of attendees to the first SocialAtHome virtual conference plan to attend again.

Who Should Attend

SocialAtHome: Summit is ideal for digital marketing, social media or communications professionals who want to stay up-to-date on the latest and greatest in digital best practices, social customer service, and beyond.

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  • Communications & Marketing Professionals
  • Social Media Managers
  • Digital Marketers
  • Public Relations Practitioners
  • CMOs, VPs of Marketing, and Other Marketing Leaders
  • Small Business Owners / Operators
  • Communications and Marketing Students
  • Content Managers
  • Self-represented professionals & artists
  • Photographers, videographers, technicians and artists who want to provide services to social media marketers
  • Marketing agency staff and leadership

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